AirFlow Breeze - the perfect solution for moving pellet stove or wood stove heat! We love our AirFlow Breeze. We purchased a pellet stove a few years ago and installed it in our family room downstairs. The stove would heat the downstairs really well, but the heat would not travel to the upstairs. I put a vent in the floor last year in the hopes the heat would travel upstairs. I heat the upstairs with oil and as you know it is getting very expensive. The vent I installed last year helped a bit and I still ended up spending more than I wanted on oil last year. I was getting prepared to install a ductless heat pump upstairs this year that would have cost several thousand dollars in order to decrease the amount of oil I burn to heat the upstairs. I found your product online and thought it would help a bit with heating part of the upstairs. I thought with your product and the heat pump I should be able to eliminate most of my oil consumption. The upstairs of my home is approx. 1300 square feet. I received the Airflow vent last week and we could notice a big difference in the entire upstairs. For some reason the Airflow Breeze is drawing the warm air from the basement family room, up the stairs, through our upstairs door and is heating the entire upstairs. We could not believe it. We have cancelled the installation of the heat pump, for the time being, as so this little fan is assisting in heating the entire upstairs. My wife and I are totally amazed (and happy, since it may save us spending thousands on a heat pump)"

Harry T.

My daughter's room used to be freezing cold in the winter. Now it is toasty warm with the AirFlow breeze vent!


Neither warm nor cool air can hide in the ducts. My Airflow Breeze improves the efficiency of heating-cooling and the comfort of my rooms.


Our room was hot or cold, it never was just right. But now with AirFlow Breeze in place it's perfect day and night!

Sarah Rose

My boyfriend and I built a 2 story addition to the rear of our house. We installed a gas fireplace for both appearance and an alternate heat source in the new family room. The challenge we faced was how to circulate the additional heat upwards to keep the 2nd story rooms warmer. After looking in the stores, we finally began researching it online in hopes that someone else in the past had faced a similar problem and we would find a solution that would work. Then we discovered the AirFlow Breeze! My boyfriend cut 2 floor vents (4x10) in each bedroom over the family room. Then he installed one Air Flow Breeze in each room. The 2nd vent (passive) in each room acts as a return.