Extreme How-To Features the NEW AirFlow Breeze Ultra!

December 1st 2009 - Extreme How-To Product News: Cost-Cutting Airflow Breeze Ultra AirFlow Technology introduces the new AirFlow Breeze Ultra register vent booster fan with remote control. This quieter and more powerful version of the original AirFlow Breeze fits vents in the floor, wall or ceiling. By using a built-in temperature sensor, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra quietly delivers warm or cool air to any area of the home that is consistently too hot or too cold. In its role as a register booster fan, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra is easy to install in underperforming registers - in 6-by-10 and 6-by-12 inch sizes - to boost their performance and solve "problem rooms." In its role as an air mover, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra may be installed in a wide variety of ways, utilizing the stud wall cavity as a passageway to move air up, down, room-to-room or level-to-level. Controlled by a three-speed fan setting, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra offers airflow rates up to 150 cubic feet per minute (cfm) but costs less than $5 per year to operate.