About Us

AirFlow Technology was founded in 2004 to provide creative and affordable home comfort solutions. Our signature products include the AirFlow Breeze and the AirFlow Ultra register booster fans. Both of these products provide solutions to poor air flow, resulting in a more comfortable living space. We are a proud partner of AeroFlo Industries, manufacturers of in-line duct fans and 02 Cool, providers of quality, personal-sized, battery-operated fans.

The AirFlow Breeze and AirFlow Ultra products are designed with an emphasis on quality and performance and are proudly assembled in the United States! Similarly, the AeroFlo in-line axial fans are assembled in the United States.


AirFlow Breeze - the perfect solution for moving pellet stove or wood stove heat! We love our AirFlow Breeze. We purchased a pellet stove a few years...


My daughter's room used to be freezing cold in the winter. Now it is toasty warm with the AirFlow breeze vent!

Harry T.

Neither warm nor cool air can hide in the ducts. My Airflow Breeze improves the efficiency of heating-cooling and the comfort of my rooms.


Our room was hot or cold, it never was just right. But now with AirFlow Breeze in place it's perfect day and night!