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Worried About Soaring Gas and Utility Costs This Summer?

These days, none of us grab the nozzle at the gasoline pump without groaning. In the media, we hear the nasty rumors that gasoline prices might actually soar past $5 a gallon. I donít know about you, but the only positive thought I have about that possibility is that I will be forced to walk more or straddle my bicycle which will very likely result in some serious weight loss.

Most of us are worrying about soaring gasoline prices. But as we edge toward a warm spring and a hot, humid summer, weíre thinking about utility bills, too. How do we find the extra dollars in an already-tight budget to pay more at the gas tank while anticipating big bills for air conditioning our homes?

In times like these, we have to be creative. We have to think outside the box and get resourceful. Thatís exactly why our staff at Air Flow Technology provides out-of-the-box, but real solutions for your familyís needs.

If you donít think your family can sweat through the summer months without committing mutiny to access the thermostat for central air, check out the AirFlow Breeze Register Vent Booster Fan. It even comes in a baseboard model!

This easy-to-install product actually does what itís named for. It boosts more cooled air into those stuffy problem rooms in your home. This is an especially handy product if your home has two floors to cool. Because we all know that heat rises, the kids will sleep much more soundly when you purchase the AirFlow Breeze booster fan for their rooms.

Even when you insist that central air can only be used sparingly, this product quietly makes the most of the cool air flowing through the vents - in fact, it gets every last bit of cooled air out of the vents and into your rooms.

Not thinking you can take a financial chance at all this summer by using the central air? Air Flow Technology also offers light-weight, portable air coolers, also called evaporative air coolers, that are great for high altitude, less humid climates. These wallet-friendly products prove to be much more economical for your familyís budget.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

Improve the condition of the air in your home this year. AirFlow Technology can help you make every room in your home a comfortable room - through every season of the year!