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Make summer a party - with cool ideas for outdoors and cool relief from the AirFlow Breeze

As we assist you and your family with products that help provide comfortable rooms inside your house, Airflow Technology would also love to help you with spring spruce-up ideas.

The summer craze for 2012 is all about creating outdoor rooms where you can enjoy your family and friends. Here are a few ideas to help you take this year’s summer party outside:

•Depending on your budget, you might want to build an outdoor kitchen complete with a small refrigerator, work space and an awesome grill.
•Add lighting and a stereo system for additional comfort and fun.
•Look for bright colors and fun prints but also fade-resistant and stain-resistant chair covers for the outdoor furniture.
•Utilizing a trellis as an outdoor “wall” is not only cost effective, it’s also beautiful, especially if greenery climbs the trellis to block the view of neighboring houses.
•Add beautiful plants and flowers to the grassy area around your outdoor room. This not only adds aesthetically, you may also draw birds and butterflies to enjoy.
•Consider adding a water feature. Nothing is more soothing than ending your day with a glass of wine at sunset, with the soft sounds of trickling water in the background. Water features are not only wonderful stress relievers, though. If heavy rainfall causes trouble with backyard flooding and/or basement dampness, several water features also incorporate storm water treatment in the design. Some water features catch rainwater and re-use it.
•Add a small pond near the new outdoor living area. A depth of 24 inches means you can fill it with fish or float water lilies.
Whatever your plans for spring and summer, make time to simply enjoy those you love.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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