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See How Easily You Can Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

You took the leap and jumped headfirst into the real estate pond. You've fulfilled a lifelong dream: the purchase of a sprawling, two-story Victorian home. You fell in love with the original hardwood floors, the beautiful windows, a wrap-around porch, birds in the trees and woodwork so gorgeous that it makes you want to weep. Congratulations!

Thereís just one something thatís missing - And itís an important something.

As it turns out, your residential gem has no central air conditioning. But because the current furnace still functions well, it would be wasteful to change the unit- even if you actually had the cash on hand to install a new system.

As a rather smoldering summer approaches, youíll immediately find the answer to summer heat survival when you visit Airflow Technology.

Our Solar-Powered Attic Fan is a perfect and reasonably priced miracle worker. Place the fan either in the gable or on the roof of your home and youíll be smiling as the fan immediately starts to pull hot air from the attic - and away from the second floor ceilings.

Check out our great assortment of portable fan models for the rooms in your home. The battery-operated fans can go anywhere any time!

As weeks turn into months at your new address, you will grow more familiar with your amazing new residence. Along the way you will learn which windows provide the cool breezes. Some rooms will be easier to cool than others and yet, the temperature in some rooms wonít appear to fluctuate much at all.

As the seasons change, an Airflow Breeze register vent booster fan will make a handy addition to your home. This award-winning, patented product slides into the existing register vent openings. Tools or frustrating assembly are not necessary, either.

The Airflow Breeze booster fan provides an energy saving solution for helping heat get all the way from the furnace to circulate evenly in all the rooms of your Victorian treasure.

Donít forget that one day, if you decide to install central air, the Airflow Breeze vent booster fan work the same magic in summer as in the winter. Simply keep the unit installed through all seasons, adjust it for the warm months and feel how the cooled air is pulled into hard-to-cool areas through the register vents.

Enjoy your new home!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team