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Children with allergies rely on parents to improve air quality at home

Have you begun to worry that your child might suffer from allergies? However, you aren’t quite sure if the allergies are related to certain foods or dust, mold, animals or something blooming outdoors?

Consider the following factors:

•Does your child frequently sport a runny nose? Congestion? Red-rimmed eyes or frequent ear infections? What about sinus problems?
•Does your child seem more congested after playing outdoors?
•Do you observe that your child experiences stomach changes such as cramps or diarrhea after eating certain foods?
Finding the answers about allergies often requires that parents be detectives.

Keep track of foods. It will help immensely to keep a detailed record of everything your child eats. After a few days, you might begin to see patterns.

Be mindful of the outdoors. Watch the news and keep up with the pollen count. When your child plays outside on a day when the pollen count is high then comes inside complaining of a headache or sounding like he wheezes when he breathes, it is very likely that allergies are the culprit.

Look inside the family home, too. Pay attention to how often you dust furniture, change beds, purchase new pillows and toss bedspreads and comforters in the dryer. How often do you vacuum carpeting and wet mop high-traffic areas?

Next on the list should be a humidifier for your child’s bedroom. This purchase promises health as well as comfort. The quiet hum soothes children to sleep while the additional humidity keeps mucous membranes moist to prevent dry, scratchy throats. Just be sure to point the mist away from bedding. Humidifiers also filter some of the airborne contaminants from the air.

Here at AirFlow Technology, we don’t just understand how to improve air quality, we also understand kids. That’s why we offer a Hello Kitty or a Sponge Bob model of humidifier and other colorful animal shapes to quietly keep your child’s health in check.

Taking an aggressive parental approach to finding answers by carefully observing and recording information may also spare your child from undergoing a very uncomfortable battery of tests for various allergies. Good luck!

Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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