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Let AirFlow Technology Help You Give Appreciated Gifts

What kind of gifts do you like to give people? I give well-thought-out practical gifts - and I think everyone should consider that as the Mother's Day and Father's Day season is here.

Let me explain:

I once gave my brother-in-law a gift that he thought was the most stupid thing he'd ever gotten for the end-of-year, much-anticipated holiday. I gave him a fold-up work bench. You know, the kind you keep in the garage. It took two rolls of paper to wrap it and we had to haul it in a truck. It was, by far, the biggest present under the tree that year. And, to him, the anticipation ended in a let down.

He and my sister-in-law had just purchased their first home after years of renting. Their idea of weekend fun had always revolved around social events either at a sports venue or gathered with friends in front of the TV watching sports.

The longer they were in their new home, the more often that gift got dragged out. After a couple of years, in fact, at another holiday gathering, my broth-in-law confessed that it had now taken on legendary status in gift-giving. It had become a standard by which to measure gift he gave others. He said he had never gotten a gift that he appreciated more.

Music to my ears.

You see, I don't believe in wasting money or time out there just "buying something" because I feel the need to present someone with a gift. Does your mother need more perfume, another scarf or one more kitty cat figurine? If so, then by all means, get it for her. If not, consider something that she would appreciate every time she uses it.

For instance,

a battery operated fan that is light enough to carry from room to room may make evenings reading on the back porch or afternoons in the garden much more comfortable.
a dehumidifier for the basement may prevent the floor from sweating and being slippery. It could prevent a disastrous fall.
an AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fan can eliminate rooms that are too warm - and save on the utility bill, too.
They may not seem like glamorous gifts, but if they make life more comfortable and safe for your parents, chances are they may become one of the most appreciated gifts they ever get from you!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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