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Straight From Our Customers: AirFlow Breeze Review II

We've had so much to talk about over the last several months that I haven't shared the reviews that customers have written about the AirFlow Breeze and AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fans.

Well, since we have had so many questions, it's time for me to right this wrong and get to sharing what our customers have to say:

I love the way Eric S. starts his comments:

"As I write this my room is getting cooler." (We just love to hear that, Eric!)

His problem, which is not uncommon, is that the second floor master bedroom in his condo was too hot. The basement and first floor would be cool (nippy he says in some instances) but the cool air didn't get into the bedroom - even if he left doors open. He said the temperature would get up to 88 degrees!

I can't imagine even trying to sleep in that sort of temperature.

He installed it and at first, he didn't think the fan would be enough to make a difference. He admits he was wrong. He checked after 2 hours with a digital thermometer and already the temperature had adjusted to 77 degrees. Eleven degrees improvement in two hours!

Needless to say, Eric is a happy camper. The AirFlow Breeze booster fan did the trick. Now I realize Eric wrote about last summer, however, I am pretty sure he'll have appreciated the extra heat during the winter and now, this summer, he might not even be thinking about the inferno he used to have in his bedroom.

Oh, how quickly we get accustomed to comfortable rooms!