Solar Attic Fan - Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Attic Fan - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why would a Solar Attic Fan benefit me?  Solar Attic Fan benefits
Q - Is the Solar Attic Fan difficult to install? - No. The Solar Attic Fan is fully operational right from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician and no city  permits needed.  The fan kit includes all of the necessary installation materials (screws, caulking, etc.) Click here for the installation instructions. For detailed dimensions of the roof mount or gable mount fans, click the corresponding link above. 

Q - Does the Solar Attic Fan require any wiring? - No. The Solar Attic Fan works entirely from solar energy, requiring no electricity.

Q - What results can I expect?
A - Under normal conditions the 10-watt Solar Attic Fan can fully vent up to 1200 square feet and the 20-watt Solar Attic Fan up to 1850 square feet. 

Q - Can the Solar Attic Fan reduce my utility bills?
A - Yes!  By continually moving hot, trapped air out of your attic areas, inside air temperature remains cooler and allows central cooling systems to work more efficiently.  Additionally, the thermal snap switch allows you to make the best use of your Solar Attic Fan as it turns on when the attic temp reaches approximately 80-degrees and off when it is down to 70-degrees.  Click here for installation instructions.

Q - Can I use the Solar Attic Fan in any size attic?
A - Yes, as long as the attic has existing vents, the Solar Attic Fan can be installed.  Roof Venting Required: Please be advised that you should have at least 1.13 sq. ft of roof vents in order for the fan to work properly. You SHOULD NOT install the unit into a home with NO attic or roof venting!

Q - Does the Solar Attic Fan have a warranty?
A - Yes. The Solar Attic Fan has a 25-year warranty! 
QCan the Solar Attic Fan be used in commercial settings? 
A - Yes. Contact us directly for a curb-mounted model, ideal for commercial/industrial applications. or 1-800-458-5540