Newsletter Winter 2009

Newsletter Winter 2009


Greetings from the home of the AirFlow Breeze!

O2 Cool portable fans

AirFlow Technology awarded battery operated fans to two AirFlow Breeze owners!

A contest was run during October inviting AirFlow Technology website visitors to let us know what product they had purchased and why they loved their new AirFlow Technology Comfortable Room solution.  100% of our responses came from AirFlow Breeze owners.  From the entrants, 2 winners were randomly selected to receive O2 Cool 5" portable fans - these fans are great for offices, boats, trailers, emergency preparedness (hurricanes), etc.   
Here is what they had to say:
"It (my AirFlow Breeze) makes the room cooler and is very easy to install."  ~ Cathy from Ohio
"We have one in-take vent in one of our bedrooms that doesn't pull much air for some reason and in the winter it is OK because the room is on the second floor but in the summer, even with central air, we would cook in this room. So we thought we would try your product (the AirFlow Breeze) and it keeps the room very comfortable. We are very happy with it and would recommend it to others."  ~ Denise from Rhode Island
Comfort is a Breeze...both winter and summer.
Colder weather has arrived to much of the country.  Have you adjusted your AirFlow Breeze for optimum performance on the warm setting?  If not, you need to do so now!  Misplaced the set-up instructions?   Click here for the complete guide.    
Favorite Friends
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Great New Products!
AirFlow Technology continues to search for new products to help you have more comfortable room solutions.  Recently, we've added humidifiers from Crane and purifiers from BlueAir.  For complete product descriptions and specs, please visit our webstore.

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