Newsletter Spring 2010

Newsletter Spring 2010


Greetings from AirFlow Technology

AirFlow Breeze Ultra ia a versatile air movement
tool!  Check out the full details, by clicking the
house to visit our website.  

AirFlow Technology announces
the addition of the
AirFlow Breeze ULTRA
Do you or someone you know have a hard-to-reach ceiling or
upper wall vent?  Is your bedroom not-so-cool on hot summer
nights?  If so, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra may be the solution!
  • Whisper quiet, three-speed fans
  • Remote control operation
  • Automatic ON/OFF for maximum energy efficiency                                                                                              
  • 12 month warranty

    enter NEWULTRA at checkout to receive
    Comfort is a many applications
    In addtion to the traditional application of boosting air from an
    existing register vent, the AirFlow Breeze can help move air in a
    number of non-traditional ways.  Some of those can be reviewed
    on our blog.

    Energy Savings can Reimburse you for your
    AirFlow Breeze or Breeze Ultra Purchase!
    Average Cost of Heating (gas)
    lower thermostat 4 degrees -2.5%/degree or $50/year savings!
    Average Cost of Cooling (electric)
    raise thermostat 4 degrees -5.0%/degree or $100/year savings!
    Cost of AirFlow Breeze
    $59.95 + $5.00/operating/year
    first year savings $85.00
    future year savings $145.00
    Cost of AirFlow Breeze Ultra
    $89.95 + $5.00/opertaing/year
    first year savings $55.00
    future year savings $145.00
    Stop by and check out the latest energy savings tips, consumer hints & general product info at our aftblog!  Visit today!!!