Newsletter Spring 2009

Newsletter Spring 2009


Greetings from the home of the AirFlow Breeze!

We want to congratulate Frank N. of Cincinnati, Ohio for winning the Magellan Roadmate 1412 GPS Navigation!  He encourages the installation of programmable thermostats to reduce energy consumption.  Thanks Frank and congratulations!  Check our website often for news of other contests. 

Adjusting your AirFlow Breeze for warmer weather...

As spring is rapidly approaching with warmer temperatures, we'll be switching from heating to air conditioning.  When the central heat is switched to central air, it's time to adjust your AirFlow Breeze as well.  This is done by following these simple steps:
  1. Turn the "set point" switch all the way to the right so the arrow points to the end of the red section.
  2. Turn the "function switch" to the COOL position. (The fans will begin to run.)
  3. Depress the “fan speed” button to choose desired speed.
  4. Slowly turn the “set point” switch to the left until the fans stop running.
  5. Your AirFlow Breeze is now set for the cool function!

Exploring indoor air comfort and quality...


Indoor air quality is a hot topic.   This coupled with the “green” movement has a lot of people looking for the best solutions for their home.  This theme has been reinforced several times over as I’ve visited various home and trade shows during the past few months. 


Our AirFlow Breeze register booster fan is a good example of applying a product that costs little to operate, but provides a great return by moving warm or cool air into the problem room without increasing energy consumption. 


In-line duct fans are a common solution to pushing more air into a room that needs a boost.  We’ve added a nice, American-made duct fan to our product line-up.  Duct fans are very effective; however it can be difficult to find a good location for a duct fan or to get access to the duct for installation.  If this is the case, the AirFlow Breeze register booster fan is often a great solution. 


In very warm climates such as Arizona, the effects of extreme heat on a roof are obvious, but other states suffer this same heat damage during the summer months.  What great technology to harness the sun and counteract the problem with a solar attic fan!  The solar attic fan installation is simple and requires no electrical contractors.  Your initial investment may seem a little high, but Natural Light has done their research and indicates that the product will have paid for itself within two years.  After that, there is no cost to operate the fan.  The greatest news, the Natural Light solar attic fan sold at our web home has a 25 year warranty—the best on the market!!


Over the next few months, we’ll be adding other products to our website to help you control the air comfort and quality in your home; not only control, but “green” it as well.  Stop by our web home often and check out our latest products.  Besides adding to the variety of products we offer, we’ll be expanding our Breeze line-up soon, as well.  We appreciate the opportunity to bring more quality air products into your home.




Bernie Pierce

President, AirFlow Technology

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