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Will Ship September 2017 - remote-controlled AirFlow Breeze Ultra register booster fan


The AirFlow Breeze Ultra Register Booster Fan can be used as a traditional register booster fan or as a room-to-room, level-to-level air distribution unit.

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Airflow Breeze - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does the AirFlow Breeze product work as a heater or air conditioner?
A - No. The AirFlow Breeze product works as a booster to your existing central heating and cooling system. It will increase the flow of conditioned air to the room.  For complete instructions on setting your AirFlow Breeze see these simple directions.

Q - What results can I expect?
A - Under normal conditions the AirFlow Breeze product can improve the temperature in the "problem" room by several degrees. In most cases, your "problem" room will be at the same temperature as your thermostat setting.

Q - How much will the AirFlow Breeze product cost to operate?
A - Using low voltage DC fans, the AirFlow Breeze costs mere pennies per month to operate. The estimated annual cost of operation is less than $5 per year.

Q - Can the AirFlow Breeze reduce my utility bills?
A - Yes! Even when your furnace or air conditioner cycles off, the AirFlow Breeze can continue to distribute residual conditioned air from duct work. This will allow you to maintain your comfort level longer between the cycles of your furnace or air conditioner. Also there is no need to adjust the thermostat setting to warm or cool the problem room.

Q - Are there other benefits to installing an AirFlow Breeze?
A - When operated in only the "FAN" mode, the AirFlow Breeze will continually circulate the air, keeping the room fresh.

Q - Can I use the AirFlow Breeze product in every room in my house?
A - The AirFlow Breeze improves comfort by increasing the air flow to "problem rooms” - ones that are difficult to heat or cool.  With an AirFlow Breeze unit in every room air could be continuously re-circulated throughout. With just a few placed in the correct rooms you may  not need an AirFlow Breeze in "every" room.

Q - Does the AirFlow Breeze product have a warranty?
A - Yes. The AirFlow Breeze product has a one (1) year warranty on defects in workmanship or materials. Click to see warranty details.

Q - How does the AirFlow Breeze get power?
A- The Breeze power adapter plugs into a regular wall power outlet.  The adapter including a six (6) foot cord, provides 12Vdc to the Breeze for the safe operation.

Q - How long is the power cord?
A - The AirFlow Breeze comes with a 6-foot power cord.  However, an optional 10-foot cord extension is available for an additional charge. 

Q - Can I mount the unit in the wall?
A - Yes. Click to review the simple instructions.

Q - Do you have a return policy?
A - Yes.  Click here for complete details. 
Q - When setting the AirFlow Breeze to the cool mode, why do the fans run all the time, never turning off?
A - In some cases, there is a large amount of residual cool air in the HVAC duct network.  The cool air continues to flow to your problem room even though the air conditioner is off.  This gives you the benefit of "free" cool air.  This phenomenon is especially true if your ducts are located in a crawl space or cool basement. 
Q - If the AirFlow Breeze runs 24/7, is there a problem?
A - No.  The dc voltage fans are long-life fans and will run for more than 40,000 hours without a problem.  The amount of electricity being used is very small, about the same as a 14-watt light bulb. 

Q - Sometimes I notice that the AirFlow Breeze fans change sound or pitch.  Why is this happening?
A - If the fan sound pitch changes, it is due to your central system fan going off or coming on.  The sound change is due to more or less air being provided by the central system fan. 

QCan the AirFlow Breeze be installed in the ceiling?
A - Yes.  There is no problem installing in the ceiling, wall or floor.