AirFlow Breeze 6'' x 12'' Register Booster Fan

  • Will Ship mid to late September 2017
  • AirFlow™ Breeze Register Booster Fan (Almond or Brown Available)

The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan works with your existing central heating and cooling system, drawing additional air to the problem areas in your home.

The AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fan keeps a room comfortable by increasing the flow of warm or cool air with thermostat-controlled fans. Easily replaces your register vent cover.

SEE DIFFERENT SIZE of AirFlow Breeze Register Booster Fans

4'' x 10'' AirFlow Breeze
Register Booster Fan

4'' x 12'' AirFlow Breeze
Register Booster Fan

6'' x 10'' AirFlow Breeze
Register Booster Fan


"Neither warm nor cool air can hide in the ducts. My Airflow Breeze improves the efficiency of heating-cooling and the comfort of my rooms."
 - Willis, Kokomo, Indiana

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