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8 tips for pet owners when their children have allergies

Got a little person in your family who frequently rubs her eyes and complains of a runny nose and headache? Allergies might just be the culprit. What if you suspect that the family pet makes matters worse? Here are some great tips to help you address how to keep your child much more comfortable:

1.Pet dander (flakes of skin on an animalís coat) frequently releases cells that trigger allergies. So keep the family pet off your childís bed, where dander can then be dropped on the linens.
2.Donít allow the family pet on upholstered furniture. In fact, keeping the pet outside is the best choice.
3.Donít allow your petís bed or pillow to be in your childís bedroom. Wash these items once each month in hot water.
4.Wash stuffed animals and reduce the number of stuffed and cloth toys in your childís bedroom.
5.Keeps your childís toys away from the family pet.
6.Place unwashable stuffed animals in the freezer once a week for 24 hours to kill mites. Then rinse the toy in cold water to remove the dead mites.
7.Use bleach water to clean all other toys
8.Avoid carpeting your childís bedroom. Instead use tile or hardwood and washable rugs.
Although some of our furry friends are touted as "allergy-free," they all still slough off dead cells - the dander- and can trigger allergic reactions.

One of my best friends has a daughter who is asthmatic and suffers through all sorts of allergies - including animals. However, the daughter wanted nothing more than to be a dog groomer. So my friend did everything she could to make her home an allergy-safe zone, including using HEPA filter in her vacuum cleaner (which she used A LOT) and in air purifiers in her home. The daughter is indeed, a dog groomer and even though she has moved out of the family home and is on her own, my friend still enjoys the way healthier air produced with the air cleaners she has.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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