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Straight From Our Customers: AirFlow Breeze Review I

We have had the craziest weather this year so far and I have to tell you - one day I have rooms that are too hot and the next day, they're too cold. Here at AirFlow Technology, we're hearing the same from people all over the nation. And questions? Yes, people are asking lots of questions.

So, I thought this would be a good time to round up some reviews from our customers who have installed an AirFlow Breeze or AirFlow Breeze Ultra register vent booster fan.

Ryan Guina reviewed an AirFlow Breeze. Ryan is a blogger and he likes to write about ways to solve problems and save money. Both of which can be done with the AirFlow Breeze!

He had a problem room that was right above the garage. In the winter it would be cold and in the summer, it would be hot. The AirFlow Breeze solved the problem he was having! (We knew it would.)

He provided a great explanation of the booster fan, even helping to dispel the myth that it heats or cools itself. I was surprised when he even noted that the extra draw of air from the ducts did not effect the air in other parts of the house. That's not something we are often asked about.

True to his money-saving form, he broke down the savings of energy and utility costs.

The guy has a sense of humor changing 5 hours to 15 minutes regarding the time it took to install the Airflow Breeze. It really is a breeze! (Sorry, just couldn't resist.)

Of course he recommends the AirFlow Breeze to anyone with a problem room. I love his parting comment: "I believe people who purchase one will be more comfortable in their room and enjoy it more. After all, the whole point of having a house si to enjoy living in it, right?"