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Little things - like the AirFlow Breeze Ultra - can make a big difference

Many of my contemporaries are dealing with becoming caregivers to their aging parents. It's usually a very difficult transition for both the parents and the children. However, I recently had a conversation that demonstrated how it can be much less difficult - at least for a very dear friend of mine.

The time had come when her parents, Jean and Bill, could no longer manage to care for themselves and their home. They didn't want to admit it, but finally, when there was an accidental fire because of a skillet left burning on the stove, they couldn't deny it any longer. It just wasn't safe.

Rather than letting them focus on what they were losing by leaving their home, their daughter, Pam, pushed them to look at what opportunities they would be gaining by relocating into an assisted living community. She took them to visit several and meet residents and workers.

After a few weeks, they started talking about what they could be doing "over there" instead of standing at the stove and sink. Jean, who loves to garden, but can't manage all the planting, weeding and watering of the beds that surround her yard, started talking about the groups of gardeners who maintain the flower beds "over there." It didn't take long before "over there" sounded like more fun - and less work - than staying at home.

Bill even started talking about having a pal to work with in the carpenter's barn or even (shocking Pam so she had to sit down) spending time in the gym and hot tub.

After all the visits, Jean and Bill chose a community. The deciding factor? The fact that the air vents were near the ceiling - not on the floor or wall near the floor. Pam didn't understand it, but Bill said he was tired of the air blowing on his legs. Pam was happy they were happy about the move.

As a housewarming gift, Jean and Bill are getting an AirFlow Breeze Ultra register vent booster fan. In fact, they may be getting more than one. The booster fan will inprove air circulation without creating an annoying breeze on Bill. With the remote control, once the units are installed, the temperature can be set and adjusted with a remote control so there is no fear of anyone up on a chair or ladder.

For this couple, it's time for a new home and new habits. They'll be more comfortable and safer. Pam will be less stressed and relieved. Yes, it's spring and time for new beginnings.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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