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Spending more at the gas pump? Save at home with a programmable thermostat

Here in central Indiana, it finally happened. Gasoline prices have jumped above $4 per gallon. I know, I know, there are those of you in places like Chicago, Philadelphia and Santa Barbara who have been seeing these prices for sometime. But this is the heartland and, just like trends in fashion and culture tend to be delayed in getting here, so do some of the prices. Sorry, it's just true.

The other thing true about the heartland is that we are always looking for practical and low-cost solutions. We aren't given over to $5 bottles of water easily. So this latest assault (and we do consider it an assualt) to our wallets has us looking for more ways to save money.

One of the least painful ways to save money is to install a programmable thermostat in your house. You can set the temperatures for certain times and quit paying to heat or cool your home when you aren't there. And in this economy, there are many hours in the day when no one is home - because they are off working to pay their way in the world.

More and more families are changing HVAC systems at their homes to geothermal systems. Not only is it a change in the process used to heat and cool their homes, it can effect other things as well. Not all programmable thermostats, but some, like the White-Rodger 1F95-1277 can be used with a heat pump, geothermal system.

Here at AirFlow Technology, we are always on the hunt for ways to save our customers money - maybe it's because we're part of the heartland!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

Save money on your utility bill with an AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fan. By drawing cooled air into the room, the desired temperature is maintained for a longer time, which means the air conditioner isn't turning on as often. That means you stay more comfortable - longer - for less money! Who wouldn't like that?