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Use a Centrifugal In-Line Duct Fan to Cool Your House This Summer

Until last summer, you were in love with your new home and the beautiful cathedral ceilings.

But as the temperature rose outside, you cranked the air and guess what? The kids were still sweating in their upstairs bedrooms and you could practically see your breath on the main floor. For some reason, the cool air refused to do much more than hover above your head and freeze you to death.

Lucky for you, Airflow Technology has a great solution!

Install a Centrifugal In-Line Duct Fan.

This easy-to-install fan comes to you with a six-foot power cord and plug and a 5-year warranty.

Along with those positives, keep in mind that our Airflow Technology Centrifugal In-Line Duct fan doesnít just push cold air to upper floors during hot summer days. In the middle of winter you will also appreciate this fanís work. Warm air is pushed from the furnace through the ducts and into the rooms instead of just hanging out in the attic or crawlspace.

Quickly end uncomfortable days and nights when your home feels unevenly cooled in some rooms during the summer. Then count on the Centrifugal In-Line Duct fan to help provide more even heating throughout the home, when the furnace is blasting. It's a great, economical solution.

Keep in mind that fans are rated in cubic feet per minute, at various static pressures and static pressure is defined as the measurement of resistance to air flow. Not exactly sure what model will work best in your home? Check out our website or contact our very knowledgeable staff for assistance.

We want you to not only learn about our products and how they will improve your daily life, we want to help you boost your energy and utility savings. Weíre all trying to cut costs where we can and choosing the Centrifugal In-Line fan is a great way to save on your heating and cooling bills.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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