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Don’t settle for a ceiling fan – the AirFlow Breeze is better

Most people around the nation know about a company called Angie's List. Well, the real-live Angie, Angie Hicks, lives here in the Indianapolis area and she writes a column for the Indy Star newspaper. Just recently she wrote a piece about ceiling fans.

I like that she mentioned they are the bane of TV decorating hosts, but they are practical because they move air in a home and that makes it healthier and more comfortable. She recommends a ceiling fan be installed by a professional electrician. The cost for fans typically costs between $100 and $1,000. Add to that the cost of an electrician's services and well, you are talking a pretty significant dent in the ol' pocketbook.

There is a better solution: An AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fan.
For much less than $100 you get a product that is:

•easy to install,
•matches your decor and will hardly be noticed by guests,
•circulates the air in your home,
•helps maintain a comfortable temperature and
•saves you money because you don't fiddle with the thermostat and cause the air conditioning or furnace to kick on and off all the time!!
The AirFlow Breeze booster fan installs by simply replacing the existing register cover with the unit, plug it in, set the temperature and voila! You are good to go. Models fit wall, floor, ceiling and baseboard vents and come in colors that blend perfectly into the background with your decor.

The AirFlow Breeze Ultra comes with a remote so you can set the temperature using the handy remote. It is perfect for registers that are high on the wall or on the ceiling.

You might say, but a ceiling fan works in summer and winter, you just reverse the blades. Well, the vent fans work all year long, too! You simply adjust the temperature, turn the switch from cool to heat and it's done - with no ladders or dangerous chairs to stand on. Another perk is that the unit only turns on when the temperature sensor tells it to do so. It doesn't run ALL THE TIME like a ceiling fan - and that saves you money, too!

AirFlow Breeze vent booster fans solve many of your problems (better than a ceiling fan):

•You don't need an expensive fan that you want to fit in with the decor. It always seems that the one that would be perfect is always one of the most expensive, if not THE costliest option.
•You don't need an electrician. The AirFlow Breeze simply plugs into a wall socket.
•It's not anywhere near as heavy as a ceiling fan and you don't have to worry about it wobbling or falling out of the ceiling and furting someone or damaging something.
Doesn't it just make sense that when you want to save money and be comfortable, the best answer is the Airflow Breeze register vent booster fan?