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Improve air circulation for a happy (and mold-free) spring

Here comes spring time! Warmer air and more sunshine. And rain. That business about spring being ďin like a lion and out like a lambĒ fails to also include warnings about the rainfall involved in an unusually wet season change.

And after this unusually (strikingly!) mild winter, who knows what spring will bring.

You might be thinking only about tackling some serious spring cleaning and planning a couple of yard sales to purge unwanted junk or maybe you are toying with the idea of buying a new lawn mower this year.

Here at Air Flow Technology, we think about the serious stuff of springtime, like the often unseen damage in crawlspaces caused by too much rain.

Those discussions always include the resulting mold and mildew forming on foundations and wooden joists--and how it can grow up into the interior under carpeting or on drywall.

Mold is a serious danger for the respiratory system of anyone at any age. Along with the health risk, however, comes the very real pinch on the wallet. Water damage costs money.

ēIf itís caused mildew on the carpet or flooring, the only answer is to remove the carpet and the pad under the carpet or the flooring where itís growing.
ēIf mold is discovered on the walls, the safest reaction is to tear out the drywall and allow wet lumber behind the wall plenty of time to dry.
ēIf it's on the joists and studs that make up the structure of your house, it's imperative to remediate before it can rot the wood completely and cause some real structural damage and safety issues.
If the first floor of your home is flooded, common sense tells you that everything beneath the floor is likely also wet. However, if the water lapped at the edges of your home but never actually seeped inside, you might not see- until itís too late- that water has leaked under the house. And it doesn't have to be puddles - it can just be high moisture levels for mold to begin growing.

No matter what, peek into the crawlspace. Getting air circulation in there to dry out any puddle can be achieved with a Crawl Space Ventilator fan. It is easy to install and comfortably priced.

So when the spring rains come around, keep in mind what you canít see.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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