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AirFlow Technology can help improve your spring look!

Let AirFlow Technology help improve your spring routine by eliminating the need for space heaters and fans! Both items are generally necessary to help make one or two rooms more comfortable as they seem to get less conditioned air flow than the rest of the house. AirFlow Technology's AirFlow Breeze Ultra register booster fan may be the perfect solution for you. Once installed, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra doesn't have to be removed seasonally. It stays in your vent and only a simple adjustment is needed to switch from heating to cooling mode. The Ultra booster fan boosts and circulates air throughout the year. Any time the central air unit is running, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra is at work pulling the conditioned air out of your vents and into your living space. Another benefit of the AirFlow Breeze Ultra register booster fan is the low operating cost. Since the unit is not heating or cooling air, just moving it, there is a much lower power consumption than traditional space heaters. The register booster fan allows you to better utilize the conditioned air in your home by moving it out of your ducts and into your rooms where you need it! The AirFlow Breeze ultra is easy to install, quiet-running, unobtrusive as it blends into your décor, and inexpensive to operate. However, the greatest reason to install the AirFlow Breeze Ultra is that it makes rooms more comfortable. In summer, it can decrease the temperature of a room by 3-5 degrees F and in the winter, it can adjust the warmth upward 3-5 degrees F. Register booster fans often allow you to achieve and maintain the desired room temperature in those problem rooms located throughout your home! As you spring clean this year, why not de-clutter by tossing out those space heaters and room fans and replace them with a cost-effective register booster fan from AirFlow Technology.