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Comfortable Home Temperature

Have you noticed that there are "problem" rooms in your home that never get quite as warm or as cool as the rest of your house despite the central HVAC system? These are the rooms that are too far away AirFlow Breeze Ultra Register Booster Fanfrom the fan or blower source to receive adequate air flow for uniform cooling or heating.† The resulting temperature variance can range from a mild inconvenience to a major health concern.†
However, there is a simple, inexpensive solution to address this and help maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house.

A register booster fan from AirFlow Technology can be installed in minutes and will often boost the flow of air into a room enough to create a 3-5 degree temperature difference, thus bringing your "problem" room in balance with the remainder of your home. ††
Both the AirFlow Breeze and the AirFlow Ultra help create and maintain a comfortable room temperature.† For applications that have vent openings of either 6"x10" or 6"x12" we recommend the Airflow Ultra.† The Ultra is also the best unit for ceiling or upper wall installations since it is remote controlled.† If your vent openings are a smaller 4"x10" or 4"x12" the AirFlow Breeze is the solution for your home.† To install the unit, you simply plug it in, follow a few simple set-up steps and sit back to enjoy a more comfortable temperature.† Since you are addressing the issue on a room by room basis, there is no wasted energy caused by adjusting the temperature for the whole house to achieve comfort in that one "problem" room.† Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is both simple and affordable with a register booster fan from AirFlow Technology.†