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Simple Solution to Protect Your Home in High Humidity Climates

As an aging Baby Boomer, you might be dreaming already about living a fun-filled, post-retirement life. Some of us can't wait to lace up golf shoes and schedule lots more tee times. Others hope to travel. Still others simply want to lounge around with a coffee cup until noon.

Soon after retiring two years ago, a friend of mine decided she wanted to become a Snow Bird and spend the winter under a palm tree.

She headed south and carefully scouted areas of interest, spoke to neighbors and discovered how many of them were longtime residents. She asked about HOA fees and the crime rate.

As it turned out, my friend secured a wonderful property in a safe, quiet neighborhood. While I slaved away in cold weather, she happily posted beach pictures on Facebook.

As spring came around, she took advice from neighbors about how to close up her home for the summer. She set the thermostat at 78 degrees, closed all the blinds and locked up her Florida property.

What this novice Snow Bird did not do, however, was take one more step to protect her humid home in the Sunshine State.

As soon as she unlocked the door last winter, her nose was tickled by a distinct smell and it wasn't just mildew in her home, it was MOLD!

A few steps inside, she discovered that one wall of the porch was nearly black with mold and also buckled from moisture.

Her easy, forever fix for the problem? A dehumidifier.

After my friend purchased hers, she had the wall replaced and painted.

There’s no more worry. With a drain tube, the unit quietly keeps excess moisture from damaging her home. At the same time, it helps alleviate dust build-up during the months the property is unoccupied.

These days, she’s a much happier Snowbird.

-Elaine of the Airflow Technology Blog Team

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