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Beat the Extreme Heat with Fans – AirFlow Technology Has What You Need

If you live in a Arizona or Florida – or even in Chicago or Nashville, and your home has central air conditioning, you might be looking for ways to cut cooling costs.

One option is to install an attic fan which will help to keep the cool air in your home. At the same time, operating the attic fan helps take extra work off the air conditioning system because it eliminates the extreme heat in the attic. An electric attic fan will cost around $160 each year for the extra electricity. But if you choose a solar attic fan, you will have a one-time cost for the easy-to-install fan. The sun takes care of the rest!

While we are on the subject of cooling your living space during hot summer days, let’s remember that heat exposure can be deadly. One of the best examples of this danger can be traced to July 12 through July 16 in 1995, when 700 people in Chicago died from heat stroke. Remember that young children, elderly adults and medically challenged people struggle most in excessive heat. All people are at risk, however, when the temperatures spike and they have no cooling units in their homes. Those who reside on the top floors of buildings are likely to be the most miserable, since heat rises.

Symptoms of heat stroke, which is a form of hyperthermia:

•Body temperature can rise to 104 degrees
•The skin appears hot and red or flushed and dry
•No perspiration
•Difficulty breathing
•Agitation and confusion
With symptoms of heat stroke in mind, be aware of family members, friends and neighbors who have no central air or portable air conditioning systems. Reach out to them with fans like the O2Cool portable battery operated fans.

When scorching summer days come around, it’s not only about trying to stay comfortable, circulating air with fans may also prove to be the difference between life and death.