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The AirFlow Breeze is Loved on Pinterest

Do you know where the hottest place is to find out about all the things people are loving these days? Pinterest. And you know what? People are loving the AirFlow Breeze there!

Even after all these years, people know the AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fan helps both the air conditioning and the furnace make homes more comfortable.

I am one of those people who collect ideas and let them stew for a while. I actually own one a 3-inch binder full of pictures from magazines and creative ideas for ways to make my home interesting and unique. It is those binders that I turn to when I need to decorate, solve a problem or express myself creatively in an artsy way or in the kitchen.

So using Pinterest has been fun for me - it's an electronic version of my binder. It is visually-oriented - there is a picture for each entry in the database.

Users create boards just like they would have a bulletin board on the wall. Each board is a category like For the Home, In the Kitchen, Creative Ideas for Kids, etc. Then pictures are selected and pinned onto the most appropriate board.

Boards can be added as you go and items moved from one board to another. The idea is that they are there later when you want to retrieve an idea or a recipe.

The pictures most often link back to the source of the information. It could be the retailer, a blog site or other Internet site that way you have the details available, too.

Pictures get on the Pinterest database because users put them there. When users find something interesting and want to share their find with the world - and with Pinterest and the Internet, it is the world. They just have to be careful to provide the appropriate link to prevent copyright infringement.

For example, if you are looking for pergola designs or garden ideas, you can pin those you find online and return to that board to review what all you have found. It is a way to collect your finds to generate ideas, answer questions and solve problems.

And that brings me back to the AirFlow Breeze. Even though the AirFlow Breeze has been around for years, people still know it solves the issues with problem rooms. Staying cool in summer and warm in winter is easy with a register vent booster fan and the original, award-winning Airflow Breeze is the best!

You can enjoy Pinterest, but when you enjoy it in a room that is not drafty or too warm or too cool, you'll enjoy spending the hours online even more!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

The AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fan comes in models to fit wall, floor, wall and baseboard vents. Just replace the existing grill, plug it in, set the temperature and feel the ahhhh!