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5 Tips to Attack Your Allergies This Spring

Other people are smiling and the flowers popping through the grass and cooing at the blooms on the dogwood tree. But you? Well, you're stocking up on tissue and saving coupons to purchase loads of antihistamines.

When you suffer from allergies, the early days of a new spring donít necessarily make you do a happy dance. Friends and family members who donít know a thing about ragweed or swollen eyes, itchy throats and misery tend to get on the nerves of the allergy sufferer.

As spring arrives and those allergies gear up to make life a stuffy, congested existence, weíve got a few helpful tips for you:

1.When your family no longer needs to wear winter coats, get them washed or dry cleaned before allergy season begins. According to a UCLA study, at least 50% of coats and sweaters are coated with pollen.
2.Instead of choosing a bowl of cereal, a cookie or two, ice cream or chips for snacks, reach instead for an orange and some Brazilian nuts. These two snack items reduce allergy symptoms by 40%. Oranges are full of vitamin C and Brazil nuts are loaded with selenium. Together, they produce a compound that reduces congestion and itching.
3.Keep up with the weather forecast. Pollen counts peak on hot, windy days. Plan your schedule as much as possible around this information and stay inside as much as you can when the pollen count is high.
4.Purchase an air purifier and a dehumidifier. These amazing products improve the air qulaity in your home. You can reduce moisture in the air and also greatly reduce the amount of dust mites in the air.
5.Watch your weight. A bigger belly makes you more than 65% more vulnerable to develop allergy symptoms. Working out regularly also helps keep your lungs in shape and this reduces your risk of developing allergy-induced asthma by 50%.
Don't let your allergies beat you down - fight back!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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