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How to improve indoor air quality

Do you have a sensitive sniffer? I mean, does your nose burn and itch when you get in the detergent aisle at the grocery store? How do you get relief?

For some, food odors, the scent of perfume and chemical smells do more than just annoy. For those with asthma, being in close proximity to strong scents can trigger serious respiratory ailments. So when a friend says she doesn't want to accompany you to the boutique filled with bath and body items, it is probably not that she doesn't enjoy your company.

Cooking fish or other foods, or collecting scraps for food waster composting may leave unpleasant odors, however, spraying the air with "room fresheners" only compounds the problem - and puts more chemicals into the air.

Removing the irritants is the key. There are a variety of things you can do to live a life with a sensitive sniffer:

•Opening windows allows odors to escape, but also lets in airborne contaminates like pollen, dust and dirt (not to mention a pathway for insects). There is also the temperature issue - the out-of-doors may be too cool or too warm for comfort.
•Exhaust fans work well to draw odors and moisture out of the house. Be certain that all exhaust fans vent all the way to the exterior of the home. Attic and crawlspace moisture control is important to prevent damage and even mold issues.
•Clean the air. Central air purifiers can be installed on the HVAC system to service the entire home, or portable air cleaners can be used in individual rooms. Purchase a unit with a HEPA filter.
Whether you just get a tickle in your nose, or suffer with serious respiratory ailments, breathing cleaner and fresher air is better for your health. So you can make your home an environment that makes you feel good - happy with your family and healthier with fresh, clean air to breath!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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