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Spring is the perfect time to install attic fans

Yes, it's been a warm winter most everywhere in the nation. That may mean that this summer is going to be beastly. So NOW is the time to install that attic fan you have wanted because you KNOW that venting the hot air that gets trapped in the attic all summer is a good way to cool the rest of the house.

Think of it this way:
You have a nice, tall, cool glass of iced tea, chock full of ice cubes sitting on the kitchen table. It's hot in the kitchen because there's a cake baking in the oven. You get busy and forget about that tall cool drink. By the time you get back to it, it's lukewarm - all the ice is melted.

It's the same with your house.

When all the heat that is soaked in by the roof gets trapped in the attic, the air INSIDE your house by the ceilings warms up. Therefore, if you relieve the heat in the attic, the rooms have a greater chance of staying cooler.

Your air conditioning isn't working harder and costing you more.

Want to save even more energy and cost? Consider a solar-powered attic fan! Let the rays of the sun power the fan! I mean, why not? It's the sun that is causing the heat, so let it help you eliminate some of it in your house!

Now, spring time, is the perfect time to install an attic fan. If you wait until temperatures rise outside, the temperatures inside your attic will be even greater. Consider having to work in those conditions. Add a roof top or gable attic fan to your spring to-do list. Come mid-summer you will be glad you did!

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

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