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Exhaust Radon Gas With a Crawlspace Ventilation Fan

Itís kind of creepy, really, to know that radon can be found nearly everywhere in all types of soil and rock. This radioactive gas, originating from the natural decay of uranium, is a known carcinogen. We canít see it. We canít even smell it. And so, the possibilities are plentiful that radon lurks in any type of structure.

Your home, for example, may be a new-build or it may be an older home. Neither type of home matters. It doesnít matter if your home is well sealed or drafty, if it has a basement or doesnít. Since radon travels from the earthís soil into the cracks and holes in building foundations, it is unstoppable.

Depending on the weather, the moisture of affected soil and the level of the radon, each structure can be affected differently. Radon can also enter a home through well water. Once this toxic gas is inside your home or work environment, it is trapped there and continues to build up in the air. That is, unless you provide a way to exhaust it out of your house.

Because it is so often undetected, 20,000 people die each year from radon exposure, which develops into lung cancer in its victims.

AirFlow Technology offers one of the safest and most cost effective ways to protect your family from radon exposure.

With the origin of radon in mind- meaning the most vulnerable place for penetration is through the foundation of your home- we offer a crawlspace ventilation fan. It immediately offsets the radon levels that enter the home. Check with your local and county health departments for the availability of free radon test kits to see if you need to address this hazard.