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Toss a battery-powered personal fan into your tote for wedding dress shopping trips

All those ladies who accepted sparkling diamond rings in the last few months are all out shopping for that perfect wedding dress. All the emotion and stress that surrounds the planning of a wedding seems to come to a head on these shopping trips. It seems that the perfection of the event hinges on this one particular thing - the dress.

Even though temperatures are starting to rise outside, that's nothing compared with the hot,sweaty, exciting work of trying on gown after gown to find THE ONE. (Have you watched all the stress play out on those wedding dress shows on TV?)

My friend's daughter had the perfect solution:

The battery-powered personal fan. Ha! What a great idea!

I quickly took a look at the variety of fans we offer here at AirFlow Technology and I find that most of them will fit inside a tote bag and are light enough to carry around from store to store. Every store will have an outlet, but if you are concerned, opt for the battery-powered style.

I grinned thinking that the 10-inch High Velocity Dual Fan might be just what's needed to cool down both daughters - and mothers!

Small, portable fans are the perfect solution to the heat in the office, at home, school - and now, shopping.

-Elaine of the AirFlow Technology Blog Team

Even though the AirFlow Breeze register vent booster fan is not battery-operated, you can take it with you for comfort while you are on vacation - or at that destination wedding! Simply remove the existing register grill, insert the Airflow Breeze, plug it in, set the temperature and you are good to go! Comfortable rooms don't have to be only the rooms in your permanent home!