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Donít Wait for a Wind Farm - Save Energy With the AirFlow Breeze

Maybe youíve seen the rather odd, tall, skinny structures, usually in wide open spaces where high winds move the propeller-like sections. When a group of these wind turbines work to move air- which then turns into energy- they are identified as wind farms. In some locations, such as the Gansu Wind Farm in China or the Alta Wind Energy Center in California, the wind farms produce electrical power for several hundred people within several hundred square miles.

Rising energy prices and more attention toward savings our natural resources work together more frequently these days, to advance natural power options. For example, Google Inc. recently donated $38.8 million for the construction of two North Dakota wind farms. Because these wind farms were successfully developed, 55,000 homes in those areas now have natural power.

Thatís impressive news, right?

Even if you arenít in the position to have a wind farm of your own or arenít in an area that has one powering the populace, you still have plenty of opportunities to save energy as well as money for the family budget:

ēOnce you make sure the attic at your house is air tight, you can easily install one of our very affordable solar attic fans. For this one-time cost, the fan helps ventilate the hot air trapped in the attic during the heat of the summer, which keeps the rest of the house cool.
ēThe AirFlow Breeze register vent booster is another great energy saver and it works both summer and winter to better maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms of your home. The Airflow Breeze improves air circulation which eliminates those hot and cold spots that inevitably are where your favorite chair or desk is best situated.
While the energy we use is slowly changing to more sustainable sources, we can all still improve air conditioning energy use and costs a little every day!